HMBGC Honourboards

Here’s a demo site I recently set up for Half Moon Bay Golf Club, to see if we could create a practical and appealing display of all the past champions, holes-in-on and officials that are currently displayed on timber Honourboards around the clubhouse.

No surprise after 50+ years, they’re running out of room and were looking for a way to preserve the history and the information for future generations.

The result is a database-driven site that will let visitors search by name, view by event, or view all the results for a single year. Everything is interlinked so you can move between players, events and years quite seamlessly.

The club will have an admin panel to add new results each year, plus we built-in an option to add photos of past and future winners if they want. There’s also scope to add a photo and an anecdote from each year of the club’s history to the annual results page

I also grabbed some photos of the Honourboards themselves, to create an interactive gallery on the website, plus they’ll be able to load it to a big-screen in the club house for anyone wanting to revisit the originals.

While working on this it was clear this could be an issue facing a lot of other clubs… not just golf clubs either… so I’ll be setting something up to offer this as a service to other sports clubs shortly. So if your clubhouse is being taken over by Honourboards and you’d like to discuss some options to get all that history into a more manageable format, please get in touch via the contact form.

Half Moon Bay Golf Club Honourboards

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