Hosting Packages

Website hosting does not need to be expensive these days, but you should be careful not to create unnecessary headaches for yourself by going too cheap. Storage might be inexpensive but support and reliability still cost, so if you take the cheapest option, sooner or later, you will pay a price.

So here at CDS our packages all offer great value, flexible options and total peace of mind. The packages below are presented as a guide, but please remember we’re happy to discuss your requirements first to ensure you get the most appropriate package.

Additional Web Hosting Information

The cost of Web Hosting has come down considerably in recent years, but you shouldn’t let that fool you info a bad deal. Many of the ultra-cheap website hosting offers you see will be ‘reseller’ accounts, meaning your host is actually reselling their own shared space on a single server.

Their goal is usually to cram as many customers as they can into their available space, which can lead to all kinds of problems down the track.

The most common is an overload on the available bandwidth… how much data is able to be transferred at any given time… leading to those websites loading painfully slowly. The most dangerous issue is when a single site is poorly run and vulnerable to malicious attack… which can crash the entire server without warning.

We do actually run a Reseller Account ourselves, which we ONLY use to host our Managed Clients Websites, so we always know exactly what’s going on on our webspace. Even then, we are very selective with regards who we take onto that server, and if we consider your website high risk or high load, we’ll always recommend you secure a stand-alone hosting account.

This is for your benefit and for the benefit of all our Clients.

Managed Hosting Packages

We also offer a number of fully managed options for business owners who want the benefits and outcomes of owning a website, without having to add to their workload or learn how to handle a heap of technical & admin tasks.

In these cases we host your website on one of our servers and we take care of all software updates, security patches, data and content backups, plus we monitor your site 24/7 to ensure maximum up-time. Each package includes some basic content updates for minor changes to your information.

We can add in fully managed publishing as well on request, where we can post new articles and mixed media content on a regular basis on your behalf. This helps your website in the search engines and further engages your audience. We can even connect your website to your social media accounts, and re-post our new content to that platforms as well.

This is a powerful option to grow your following among your customers and your prospects, which enables you to reach a much larger audience and totally dominate the search results… which again leads to even more traffic, leads and sales.

Our rates for any of these options are very reasonable and represent great value… and we encourage you to get in touch if you want to know more!