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There’s no question, these days there are dozens of places a local business NEEDS to be found online. Traditional print directories and advertising have succumbed to Google Places and Mobile Apps, and a single website will soon get lost in the crowd… unless it’s strategically linked to from all the key local business directories.

It also helps to have good listings in the major national and even international directories (there are more about search rankings than generating leads, but equally important!)

And you also need to have your website, social media accounts and key search engine listings properly formatted AND connected for maximum exposure. Google Places and Google Maps are particularly important here, but realistically that’s still just scratching the surface.

The short version is: if your competitors are doing all this, then you don’t just need to do it too, you need to do it better!

So it’s no surprise that it can get a bit complicated… and time consuming… for a lot of business owners.

Unfortunately there’s no escaping the work… if you want to get maximum exposure for your business in the local marketplace, you need to create and connect all these key components.

Of course if you’d like to hand all that over to someone else, you should check out our Local Business Listings service here, but if you prefer to do-it-yourself, then here’s our basic blueprint for what you’ll need to do…

#1 Tip: Keep Your Information Consistent!

If you follow this process you’ll be creating a LOT of listings… it is vital that you use the EXACT same Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP)  for every listing. This includes the formatting of the information right down to punctuation in the address, or brackets/dashes in your phone number.

If there is any variation, your listing could be seen as belonging to a different business, and the SEO value of the listing is lost. Type it out and copy and paste, or even better, grab RoboForm and create a new Business Identity card, and use that to fill all local business directories forms.

Google Places, Google Maps, Google My Business, Google+…

Google has done a great job of insinuating themselves in every aspect of your operation and once you start, it can seem like the set up is never done. Regardless of your opinion of the company, there’s no escaping the fact that most web search traffic still comes from Google, so you ignore them at your peril.

Australian & International Business Directories

Some of these can generate a lot of direct business for you in their own right, but others are included to provide ‘citations‘… backlinks from Authority Sites, that tell Google and the other search engines that you’re legit and high-value for your target audience.That can be even more rewarding!

Here’s a list of 24 business directories  we use for all Local Business Promo campaigns…

  • Yelp.com.au
  • YellowPages.com.au
  • TrueLocal.com.au
  • StartLocal.com.au
  • AussieWeb.com
  • AustralianPlanet.com
  • HotFrog.com.au
  • Cylex.com
  • au.EnrollBusiness.com
  • AussieHours.com
  • MisterWhat-au.com
  • ComeonAussie.com
  • SavvyMe.com.au
  • ZipLeaf.auz.net
  • AustraliaOnlineAdvertising.com.au
  • BusienssListings..net.au
  • Brownbook.net
  • Infobel.com
  • Fyple.biz
  • Tuugo.biz
  • Womo.com.au
  • SearchFrog.com.au
  • PureLocal.com.au
  • GoGuide,com.au

All of these offer a free listing, which is fine for our purposes. Have your info written out ready to copy-and-paste, but try to ‘tweak’ the tags and description for each listing (NOT the NAP info though!)

You can also add a logo, photos and even videos to some of these which all helps. Likewise you should add opening hours if appropriate, website links, emails, and even have a ‘special offer’ or coupon ready to go when prompted.

Local Search Directories for Cairns Businesses

Once you have the various Google components set up and a good list of authority sites linking back to you, then it’s time to hit the local directories. Not all of these will be applicable to every local business, so choose carefully and don’t spam any of these with irrelevant listings.

These need to be set up as fully as possible… use every option available to add information that might engage your audience, answer their questions or prompt them to take action, whether that’s a phone call, an email, a visit to your website and a walk-in to your premises. (If you have a preferred action, emphasis that consistently across all listings!)

With that in mind, here’s ten of the best Local Directories for listing Cairns Businesses…

  • cairns-australia.com
  • localsearch.com.au
  • thecairnshub.com.au
  • localbusinessguide.com.au
  • cairnslocal.com.au
  • cairnsdirect.info
  • qy.com.au
  • gumtree.com.au
  • bbf.org.au
  • cairnsweb.com.au

Most of these will offer a selection of upgrades and add-ons. Our advice is to hold off on those until you’re up and running. Keep monitoring where your traffic and leads are coming from, and consider upgrading those listings that add real value to your bottom line.

For the most part, the value here will be getting your business to show up high in the search results and Google and Bing etc, so you get the direct traffic to your site… and that’s something you can do for free.

Other Local Marketing Considerations:

If you really want your business website to rank well though, it requires more than a long list of links. The search engines all consider a broad range of factors when assessing the value your website offers users… things like page load speed, depth of content, freshness of content, how long people stay on your pages, how often they come back, links in, links out, social media mentions and shares… and a whole lot more.

So the bottom line is, there’s no quick fix to make this happen. You really do need to a strategic plan to offer valuable information to your customers and prospects on a regular basis, and a system in place that encourages them to help get the word out.

That can look like an impossible task if you’re not experienced in the field, but the good news is, it’s the kind of work we love! So if you’d like a no-obligation chat about how we can help you with all this and more, reach out today!


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