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A properly designed business website should add real value to your business, but far to many become a major drain on the business owners time, focus and wallet. Even worse, lot of web designers are all too adept at creating complex websites that take serious time and effort to maintain, so the business owner is left with even more work with no real way of knowing if it’s even worth the effort.

It’s not surprising that our Managed Hosting service is so popular. We create a website you can use and administer… and easily publish new content to as required… but we don’t just ‘leave you to it‘. Instead we take care of all the technical and back end administration tasks, including things like…

  • Implementing all core security updates as a priority
  • Plugin and theme updates for WordPress based sites
  • Running regular backups of all your data and content
  • Regularly optimising your site for speed and reliability
  • Domain registrations & renewals
  • Security certificates (if required)

Depending on your desire to be involved, we can also take on additional roles such as content publishing, social media marketing & bookmarking, link submissions and content indexing. We actually implement semi-automated solutions for some of this when building your website, but fresh, well-written content is still the best way we know for you to stand out from your competitors.

Of course this is a fluid arrangement, and we will adapt to your current needs. Many of our customers start out wanting to do as little as possible, but over time they come to understand the platform we build and all the advantages available if you put it to work, so they gradually become more ‘hands-on’, posting their own news and updates, sharing photos and videos, and generally engaging more with their audience.

And the more they do it, the better their results! So be warned, once you start posting to the website or blog we create for you and you start to see bottom-line benefits from your efforts… not to mention the goodwill of engaging your customers… it can soon become addictive!

It’s always up to you though… we are happy to do it all, or we can assist and guide you as you learn the ropes and become your own best online brand ambassador.

Want to know more? Reach out and we can arrange a no-obligation chat to discuss your requirements and recommend a few simple online marketing strategies for your business.

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