Website Review & SEO Analysis


Your website is a tool that should be adding tangible value to your business. If it’s not, then it’s broken. The first step in fixing it is to undertake a comprehensive review of the structure, content and SEO factors of your site, so we can make some recommendations on how best to fix it ASAP.


If your web presence isn’t generating regular leads and/or sales… or offering tangible value to your existing customers… then it’s a waste of time, space and money. Your website is a tool that should be working for you and your business, 24/7, so if it’s not generating the results you want, it’s broken.

The first step in fixing it is to undertake a comprehensive review of the structure and content on your site, plus a details analysis of the off-site SEO factors, so we can make some recommendations to you on fixing it.

Some firms will offer you a ‘free’ review, but mostly those are semi-automated and next to worthless. They enter your web address in a form, print out the resulting report and tell you they’ve analysed your site.

If that’s all you want, you can grab that yourself from dozens of site online, but realistically, it’s worthless

UNLESS you also spend some time on the website as a human visitor, and assess the content, the processes and the funnels of your site, as they relate to your desired outcomes.

So we do charge a modest fee for this service. This is so we can afford to spend as long as it takes both with you and  on your site, to really understand your goals and expectations, and how your site is performing those tasks.

We will then provide the numerical analysis you expect, plus we’ll give you a detailed written report on everything we find, good and bad, and our best recommendations for improving your outcomes.

When you order this package below, we’ll immediately review your site in detail BEFORE we talk to you.This gives us a clean unbiased impression of how it’s been designed and the likely outcomes for a random visitor with minimal experience of your company.

Only then will we set up an appointment with you to discuss your website, and your desired outcomes.

This ‘blind’ approach gives us an immediate feel for why you website might not be performing as well as it could, and where the conflicts might be.

We’ll then revisit the website, and test the processes and sales funnels according to your desired outcomes, we’ll conduct a detailed SEO analysis and then we’ll put together our report. That will cover everything we find and include some broad recommendations for improving your results.

These recommendations will be fully actionable, so you can either attend to them yourself in-house, or we can work with you to implement them as your schedule and budget dictates.

This is without doubt, one of the most valuable services we offer, and while it’s far from an exact science, the feedback we get from these reviews makes it clear that the information offered is always well received and can have immediate impact on your bottom line.