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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest scams in the internet!

If you’ve ever launched a new website, you’ll know it only take a day or two after that for the automated emails to start arriving from all the would-be SEO experts. They’ll try to convince you that your website sucks and you are missing out on massive traffic, leads and sales… which can all be salvaged if you hire them to optimize your website.

The thing about SEO is, there are no quick fixes. The search engines reward high-quality websites that provide a high-quality and relevant user experience. And both of those take time to set up in a sustainable way.

So anyone who promises you instant rankings is using gimmicks or shortcuts that generate results that will not won’t last. For long term results, your SEO needs to be built in to your website at a design level, and integrated in your ongoing operations.

We are available to work with you to identify and correct any fundamental problems. This can be useful if you have an existing website that isn’t performing as you’d hope. The packages below are simply the first step in that process… assessing where you are now and laying out a roadmap to get your website to a better place. As always, please reach out if you’d like to discuss your options or the actual process first.

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