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No matter what your business might be, there are countless ways we can work with you to promote it online. The best option will usually be to sit down over a cuppa to discuss your needs and offer some suggestions, but if you’d like to get a feel for your options, check out this list below.

These are just some of the systems and strategies we’ve implemented for our existing Clients and for our own projects. Most businesses will probably be best served by a package that includes several of these options, linked together for maximum effect.

Website Design & Development

We’ll work with you to design a simple website that will generate the results you seek. We mostly use the popular WordPress Platform to create a simple but effective site that you can easily update yourself as you become familiar with the platform.

We can also build more complex websites, with extensive experience in database driven projects, eCommerce solutions and more. Whatever your needs, our goal is to create the most simple solution that will achieve the desired results.

For the technically minded, we’re experienced in ASP, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, MSSQL and usually build non-Wordpress sites in the Bootstrap HTML5.

Website Hosting

We can host your new website for you on our own servers, and we can do as little or as much of the technical Admin tasks as you like. We maintain a number of web servers around the world, though most of our local Client’s websites are hosted on our main Australian server situated in Melbourne.

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service is a popular option where we look after your domain names registration and renewals, all hosting and all server and security updates. We keep your WordPress platform fully up to date, as well and install all theme and plugin updates as they are released. We’ll also maintain regular backups of your site and database for an easy restoration if anything goes wrong.

Social Media Marketing

Most small businesses could benefit from a better social media presence, but most have no idea where to start and which of the many platforms are going to be best for their needs. We can help with a simple overview of your options and the possible outcomes.

A lot of small business owners could benefit from the lead generation potential of social media, so we can help with setting up your accounts and creating ongoing or one-off lead-gen campaigns. Once they are set up you can manage the site yourself or we can handle it for you, posting new content and forwarding the leads directly to you.

Local Business Marketing

Local business directories have all but replaced the Yellow Pages these days so you need to be in as many as possible. We can help with this, checking all the relevant directories, claiming any existing listings for you, and submitting your details to those you aren’t already in.

We can also provide an ongoing Reputation Management Service, where by we monitor all your listings and respond on your behalf to customer comments and feedback. We can forward all comments to you for your reference, but you won’t have to worry about checking and responding unless you want to.

Lead Generation Campaigns

We can work with you to create set-and-forget lead generation systems on your website or social media, or more specific one-off campaigns to tie in with your other promotions or seasonal activities.

These are usually based around specially created content pieces, or special offers you might make for new customers, such as free consultations, discount coupons etc. Whatever your choice, we can help you prepare the offer and then make sure it gets see by as many potential customers as possible.

Video Marketing

This is a simple and effective way to promote your business and generate new leads via YouTube, and it’s more affordable than you might think. We’ll create one or more simple informational videos about the services you offer, and post those to various video sharing platforms for you.

The idea here isn’t to win an Oscar, but instead to connect with your potential customers when they start searching the web, looking for information. (Done properly YouTube videos can top the search results almost instantly).

So we present your potential customers with an overview of your services and provide an easy option for them to make contact and move forward… we can also add an incentive to ramp it up even further.

Email Marketing & Newsletters

This is probably the most valuable resource any business can set up… regardless of what your business might be! When you have a large opt-in list of subscribers, you have the option to go to them ANY TIME to generate new business.

Any time bookings are slow and your schedule is looking a bit bare, you can send out a special offer or discount coupon and generate business on demand.

Setting this up does take a little work, but it’s worth it. We’ll create your optin page, your offer, and set up your mailing list platform. We can automate a lot of it, so your new subscribers receive an automatic response and we can even schedule regular follow ups if appropriate.

There’s a lot of possibilities in this area though, so we’ll work with you to design the best possible solution that will attract the right people to your list and keep them engaged and open to your offers.

Pay-Pay-Click Advertising (PPC)

Most people are familiar with this from using Google… all those ads you see cost the advertiser a small amount each time someone clicks on them. It’s not particularly cheap, but if you know your offer converts, it’s a quick way to get people to your offer. It is also very configurable, so you have the ability to target very specific groups of people, making it very effective when done right.

We’ve been using PPC advertising since before Google even existed, so we’ve got systems in place to design, implement and analyze your campaigns, to ensure you get a solid return on your investment. We mostly use Facebook for this these days, as it tends to be significantly cheaper than Google, and they have a lot of options for fine tuning your target audience.


You’ve almost certainly experienced this already… you check out a website looking at airfares to a certain location, and then everywhere you go after that you see ads for similar airfares, as well as ads for accommodation and things to do in that location.

This is called ‘Remarketing’ and is very effective for keeping in your prospect’s mind until they are ready to make a purchasing decision. It won’t suit every business model, but if people visit your website (or social media page) looking for information, it’s a cost-effective way to make sure they remember you when it’s time to buy!

We can set this up for you and start building your customer audience immediately, and then we’ll work with you to design a suitable follow up marketing campaign to guide those people back to your order page!

Graphic Design

As with our website designs, it’s all about producing artwork that will achieve YOUR desired result. We aren’t looking to create works-of-art and we’re not interested in winning awards. We prefer to focus on results.

We have been doing our own basic artwork in-house for years and have a good understanding of what it takes to get those results. Interestingly, when the designer puts their own ego aside, it’s all about the message, and often the rough-and-ready designs that work best!

We can do everything from logos & branding materials, simply flyers and all kinds of web graphics. If you need something more complex though, we do have some excellent designers we work with on bigger projects, and we can handle the design briefs, payments and delivery if required.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process of optimizing hundreds of different factors, to encourage the search engines to index your website correctly and rank it highly. It is far from an exact science, though you’ll eventually get a lot of questionable offers from people who’ll promise to get you to page one of Google.

Google is the main search engine we optimize for… because they still deliver the lions-share of all search traffic… but there’s really very few shortcuts that work. Google simply rewards website owners for offering high quality content and an engaging visitor experience.

ie. they want to see visitors to your site stay on your site for a longer time, and read as many pages as possible.They also want to see other people and other websites, linking to the content, sharing your content on social media and generally referencing it as high quality.

And what the SEO Gurus won’t tell you is: Google will also penalise you for trying to fool them with any blackhat techniques orshortcuts. So be particularly careful… and sceptical… of any one who promises to get you to top spot WITHOUT a lot of work!

There are various factors that should be set up right, both on your website and in the ways it’s listed in other places, but the quality-visitor-experience and peer-validation tends to be far more important. So while we always optimise any sites we build… and can help apply best practices to your existing websites… none of that will matter if you don’t have the content plan as well.

The good news is we can help with all of it, optimising your site, creating external linking strategies, preparing a content plan, and even creating and publishing that content on your behalf.

Website Traffic

Finally, we can help create a plan to bring more people to your website. This is the lifeblood of any website, so we can look at your offers and your markets and design a strategy to make sure you’re getting enough people through the door, to feed through the funnel to view your offer, make contact and generate a lead or sale.

As you’d expect there is no one-size-fits-all solution here, but over the last 20 years we have generated millions of visitors to dozens of websites, and no matter your field or niche, we can repeat the process for your site as well.

This will be very much a custom solution though, so again the invite is there to give us a call and we can meet up for a cuppa and talk it over!

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