Social Media Marketing

No matter what your business, if you are offering products or services to Cairns locals, Social Media can help you reach a larger audience, engage your existing customers and develop your brand. It is an essential marketing tool that will add to your bottom-line and best of all, it doesn’t have to add significantly to your workload.

If you’ve never really considered using Social Media in your business, I encourage you to read this page in full before you consider any of the packages below. The potential here is virtually unlimited, so it’s important that you get a feel for just what you can do before you make any decision.

For those who do recognise the value and want to do more with their social media presence, then the packages below are offered as a guide. If you know exactly what you need, by all means, you can order on of those. If you’d prefer to discuss your options first, please do reach out!


Social Marketing 101

Key Benefits of an Integrated Social Strategy

Primary Social Platforms

Secondary Social Platforms

An Example of Local Business Social Strategy

Planning Your Own Social Strategy